Utah Home Repairs can fix your home now:

before(front windows and siding) After

Stop settling for a house that’s not what you want. with only a little time and investment Utah Home Repairs can help make your present home your dream home.

  • Tired of a dingy kitchen with old appliances, little counter space and no storage?

  • When company comes calling do you hope they don’t ask to use your bathroom?

  • Is your deck falling apart, or so full of splinters that no one dares walk barefoot on it?

  • Are you tired of tripping over  toys while the basement sits unfinished and unused?

Utah Home Repairs offers:

  • Free estimates and bids. There are no hidden charges or costs. We  give you a fair price and stick to it.

  • High quality but affordable prices. Comes with several years of experience working on custom homes and cabins in the Tahoe Area. References are available upon request.

  • Jobs done quickly so that you are inconvenienced as little as possible.

  • No padding on work, labor or materials. The work is fast, and efficient.

  • Give Utah Home Repairs a call now! What can you loose but an old, tired house?

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